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Developing Leadership Presence

The Talking with Wolves programme offers a fascinating group coaching experience to help leaders like you appreciate what it means to really develop ‘leadership presence’. This means …

  • how you ‘show up’,
  • how you make others feel and
  • how effectively you communicate verbally and non-verbally

Leadership presence also involves inspiring deep trust by communicating a fundamental ‘ok-ness’ with oneself and others.

People, like animals, and especially wolves will always on some level, be asking the question am I safe being with and following you?”.

Thus, the first step in developing more personal leadership presence is for you to realise and work through any personal psychological blockers that may distracting others from trusting you on an energetic level.

Participant statements about Talking with Wolves Coaching Day

Benefits of Talking with Wolves

When we work with wolves,

  • we engage in a conversation that does not require human language or social symbolism.
  • We are then left with something else; something more immediate, more primal and more real.

Gaining trust and being with the wolves requires

  • switching our attention from our usual social presentation and needs (which means nothing to the wolf)
  • to a focus on a basic and more primal somatic awareness and communication.

We encourage participants to switch their ‘intention’ and ‘attention’ to perceive the world differently.

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