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The Talking with Wolves Programme

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”.
William Wordsworth

A powerful and insightful Coaching Day
from 10:00 – 18:00
9:00 meeting at Wolf Science Center

In Cooperation with
The Wolf Science Center

Ernstbrunn, North of Vienna

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The Talking with Wolves Programme offers an experiential, coaching supported exploration of what it means to really develop leadership ‘presence’.
In this endeavour the wolves are our teachers.

Talking with wolves is your unique opportunity to experience and develop your ‘animal self’ and to understand what it means to communicate with others on a primal level.

What will happen

This is a full day experience in which you will …

  • Receive a briefing session from a lead trainer of the Wolf Science Center
  • An introduction to what it means to develop ‘leadership presence’ by
    Ian McGarry Msc.BSc (Hons) and Erich Platzer coach and facilitator
  • The first wolf pack interaction & a dog pack interaction
  • A group coaching session on being present
  • A second wolf pack interaction and
  • A final facilitator led group coaching session.

How do I benefit?

The purpose of the coaching sessions are to:

  • Explore the giving and receiving of attention as a basis for social interaction.
  • Explore the role of mindfulness in overcoming different manifestations of social anxiety and establishing leadership presence.

In terms of you as a leader you will additional

  • explore how you can develop your (leadership) presence by talking with wolves,
  • discovering patterns that hold you back from clear communication.

We are sure this will be a powerful and insightful learning experience
and are looking forward to welcoming you there!
Ian McGarry & Erich Platzer

Ian McGarry MSc. BSc (Hons)

Ian McGarry MSc. BSc (Hons)

Business Psychologist & Coach

Ian is a Business Psychologist, with extensive experience working with public and private sector organizations Internationally. He has over twenty
years coaching and facilitation experience.

His aim is to increase leadership capacity in individuals, teams and organizations.
He specialises in coaching leaders, to generate leadership by helping them realise their own potential, and understand how they can unleash leadership in others.
As a business psychologist, his coaching methods are based on a firm understanding of human psychology and a broad appreciation of methods and applications. He has a special interest in Eco-psychology and animal based therapy and coaching Interventions.

Mag. Erich Platzer, MSc

Mag. Erich Platzer, MSc

Business Coach

Erichs passion is to enable people, teams and multi-national organizations to handle transition and change situations.

He performs in creating communication, development and learning environments that allow people and managers to deal with transition and change while maintain a professional attitude and behavior. This includes state-of-the art human and brain sciences, organisational design, leadership, people development and learning approaches. He is most effective when working with a team in achieving success in challenging situations together.

For the best experience of everyone and every wolf …

There is max 10 places for this coaching session available …

How do I get there?

Find all details here on the Wolf Science Website

Please let us know in  the “Attendance Form”  if you

  • (a) drive on your own or
  • (b) need a pick up and where

What is the package .. what the costs?

The package includes:

  • A full day experience – with insightful wolves experience as described above.
  • + Your individual report of your physiological health and ability to manage your levels of resilience (based on HRV).
  • + A virtual debriefing/feedback session about report.
  • Meeting 9:00 at Wolf Science Center – ending 18:00

The costs:

  • We are offering the package at cost of € 700 net per person

The invoice will be issued by Platzer Consulting in Euro to you.

Please pay your invoice within 7 days – as we have to pay the Wolf Science Center upfront as well. Thanks!

We are proud to make this happen


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